Endless Online Login Problem 7/20/14

Around 7AM CT this morning players are having trouble logging in to Endless Online. Not sure what the issue is at the moment. Thus far you're able to make it to your character selection screen but when trying to login a specific character it stalls out on the "updating items" status. It's also important to note that all the characters appear to be naked, without items. This may be a potential rollback fixing to take place or a simple glitch. Perhaps the PUB files on the server side have been corrupted or unobtainable somehow? Only time will tell. I'll post more up about it when we find out.

Note: You can still create new characters and accounts. All signs at the moment point to the problem being the server side PUB files. Some bots appear able to login on new characters once as well but don't appear to be gaining any experience and trying to login to a character more than once after it's been created errors out constantly. Hopefully it'll sort itself out or Vult-r will notice soon. Who knows.

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