Known Glitches/Bugs in Endless Online

Here is a list of some of the known bugs and/or glitches in Endless Online. Click the example images below to enlarge.
  1. It is possible to "leak" text you are typing in another window into Endless Online. Even while it is minimized or in the background. Be careful! An effective way to prevent "leaking" is click on the exit button so the dialog box pops up while you type in other windows.

  2. If you're trying to create a new character and select a name that is already in use twice you will be disconnected.

  3. Long messages in global will sometimes drop spaces and letters or appear to double post after an overflow exploit was fixed in v0.27.

  4. Long messages sent in private messages will sometimes not send and display a red error message in the System tab.

  5. Logging out during the moment of death can corrupt the PUB files and leave you stuck on a black screen.

  6. If you place over 120 potions into your bank locker the amount over will disappear indefinitely.

  7. A portion of the Flad Hat, while viewed from the back, is transparent.

  8. The female Dark Endura armor will improperly display on the character when casting spells.
More will be posted soon. Be sure to share any you have in the comments!

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