Selecting Quest

Some NPCs offer or take part in multiple quest. The problem is that sometimes you'll be doing one quest and when you go to chat with them they'll offer information on a previous quest you perhaps haven't finished. For example say you want to do a step on the Truth Quest with Ayla but she brings up the Witch's Quest. Now you could simply go and finish this quest and get that out of the way, but what if there was a short-cut? Well, there is! The window that pops up when you speak with an NPC contains an almost hidden option to view a list of quest associated with them that are available to you. Simply right click to the furthest right hand side in the quest title box and viola, a list will appear and you may select which quest you wish to carry on with. Now, doesn't that speed things up a bit?

Simply click within the red circle as indicated, then select a quest.

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