Endless Online In-Game Commands

Endless Online contains several in-game commands you may not have known about. To execute these commands you simply type them into the chat window and press enter. The results will be listed within the "SYS" or "SCR" tab. Some of these have been listed within the in-game help system while others for whatever reason have not been listed there.

Kills Command
Type "#kills" to see your current status regarding the allotted 2400 kills granted per day. If you've gone over the allotted amount you will no longer gain XP by killing monsters but are still able to gain XP by completing quest.

Ping Command
Type "#ping" to see the status of your connection with the server. In the chat window below it will reply with the delay in miliseconds between yourself and the server. The higher the number is the more lag you'll encounter.

Usage Command
Type "#usage" to see the amount of time your character has spent playing Endless Online in hours and minutes.

Location Command
Type "#loc" to see your current position on the map. This is useful if you wish to tell others EXACTLY where you are on a map or if you wish to return at a later date.

Find Command
Type "#find PLAYERNAMEHERE" to see if another player is on the same map as you are. This is useful for community made games, such as hide n seek events. Obviously, you replace PLAYERNAMEHERE with the player you wish to find.

Engine Command
Type "#engine" to see the current engine version you're running of Endless Online. Double check Endless-Online.com to make sure you're up to date if needed.

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