Worthless Things to Know

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Below I've composed a list of worthless things to know about Endless Online. Use them in trivia, quote them to your friends and rejoice!

01. If you drop two gold on the ground it shows a pile of three.

02. At the character selection screen after login you may press 1-3 to login to the matching character slot. No mouse needed!

03. If you type in a large amount of text in global it will appear all crammed together like your space bar is broken. This glitch appeared after a quick fix was implemented to stop an overflow exploit to disconnect/crash clients. You may not initially see it sometimes unless you browse through the chat tabs and come back to global but others will immediately.

04. If you click the downward facing arrow on the far right side of the chat tabs it will prevent the chat from automatically scrolling down every time a new line appears. This is useful for trivia or catching a line you missed in the crowded square.

05. Sitting down regenerates a larger amount of HP and TP than if you were standing.

06. You cannot put more than 120 potions into your bank locker. The amount you put in over the 120 limit will disappear indefinitely.

07. When walking across spikes remove all the items you can from your paperdoll. The more HP and defense you have the higher the damage spikes will cause.

08. Items will appear in different areas of your inventory rather than where you left them if you login to your account from a different computer because the information regarding it's placement is stored within the computer's registry.

09. You never run out of SP after you've reached level 10!

10. You can have no more than two connections per IP address to Endless Online.

11. The client's background image cycles through a set of images randomly chosen upon opening and login.

12. The higher your level the more a haircut cost.

13. If you have 10 or more active quest in your log you cannot choose a class from the Wise Man.

14. Certain items in game are "lore" only. This means they cannot be dropped, traded or sold.

15. Your locker capacity can be increased to 60 by purchasing extra slots from the Banker.

16. You can only sell 99 items at a time without ban. For example if you have 300 goat horns and sell 101 you're account will be temporarily banned. If you sell 99 at a time you will be fine.

17.You can sit on the sign in front of the Aeven Church!

18. If you die while sitting in a chair or bench you will respawn sitting in mid-air at your spawn point!


  1. Actually, you can run out of SP. It's just more difficult.

  2. Don't get sassy with me I don't wanna hear it! You just sit there and look pretty like you're suppose to...