Hard to Ignore

Ignoring players in Endless Online is a rather simple task. Yet every now and then you'll come across a name that's not so easy to add to the ignore list. I'm talking about names containing a random string of I's and L's all clumped together. It's hard to distinguish between the two in EO because of the shitty GUI so I'll show you how to get those names on the ignore list.

Step 1. Close Endless Online and enable chat logging. After you've closed EO open up EOConfig and enable chat logging. By default it is located within your start menu after installation or "C:\Program Files\Endless Online\econfig.exe".

Step 2. Start EO back up, login and wait for the name to appear in chat.

Step 3. Close EO and open up the log. By default it is located at "C:\Program Files\Endless Online\CHATLOG.TXT".

Step 4. Find the name you wish to ignore within the log file and copy it(that's highlighting it and hitting ctrl+c for you tards out there).

Step 5. Open up your ignore list and paste(that's ctrl+v assholes) this name into the bottom. Don't forget to save. By default it is located at "C:\Program Files\Endless Online\Config\Ignore.ini".

Step 6. Restart Endless Online and smack a turkey.

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