Useful Online Resources

WikiSend - visit
WikiSend allows you to quickly share small files with your friends. Files up to 100mb - lightning fast and free. You can also set a time for the around.

ListenOnRepeat - visit
Ever wish YouTube had a repeat function for your favorite songs and videos? Now you have one. Simply replace with in the video url and hit enter in your browser and you're set to go. Can't figure it out? Head to the website for more detailed information! They also have an app for your mobile devices for iOS and Android so check them out in the app store.

ListenToYouTube - visit
ListenToYouTube is a YouTube to MP3 converter. Unlike some of the other converters online this one has no limit on the file size or length. It's great for grabbing your favorite podcast or songs.

FlamingText - visit
FlamingText is a logo creator with a ton of options and effects. It's free and easy to use with some of the best presets I've seen for online image creators. Check it out.

LunaPic - visit
LunaPic is a free online photo editor with a ton of amazing features and tools. Best of all they don't ruin your image with a company watermark when you're finished. Tons of pre-made effects and animations as well as the more advanced tools you'd find in photoshop make this an idea online photo editor for novices and professionals alike.

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine - visit
The Internet Archive seeks to preserve the vast amounts of data publicly available online. Everything from websites, audio or video. It's a great place to check out a cached version of your favorite websites a few years back to retrieve information no longer available or just get all nostalgic. Check out on January 22nd, 2009 before Vult-r had lost all interest and hope in the game! Sigh... - visit
Refresh This will automatically refresh/reload any url you input at your desired intervals. This is great for keeping an eye on the server status while you're waiting for it to come online!

The Alphabetizer - visit
The Alphabetizer will take any list you paste in it and put it on alphabetical order.

ViewDNS - visit
ViewDNS is set of various DNS and other tools presented in a straight forward no bullshit manner that's easy to use and pleasant on the eyes. For example you can do a reverse DNS lookup on a server and find all the subsequent websites hosted on it.

AdBlockPlus - visit
AdBlockPlus is a broswer extension for blocking advertisements across the web that works excellently. Check it out. They have support for a multitude of browsers so whatever you use you're in luck!

TinyPic - visit
TinyPic is a partner company of Photo Bucket that allows you to quickly upload images to the web. They provide you with a direct link to the image that is rather short, making it idea for forums and social networks. They also offer to re-size the image if you would like to several common sizes used across the web. Best of all you don't have to waste time signing up - the most that's asked is for you to enter a captcha.

VirusTotal - visit
VirusTotal is a website that allows people to upload a file or enter a URL to be scanned for viruses. It's fast, easy and free. Best of all it uses 42 different scanners and their updated definitions to scan your files and also lets you compare your results with that of others. I use VirusTotal on a regular basis to avoid having to run the bloatware that most anti-virus programs have become.

x10hosting - visit
x10hosting provides ad-free reliable hosting at no cost. If you're looking to make a space for yourself on the web head over and signup.

IP Chicken - visit
IP Chicken is a useful site that will display your IP address and several other bits of information about your PC. If you need your IP address in a hurry, who better to ask than the chicken?

URLVoid - visit
URLVoid checks a website for it's reputation and reports on possible and known exploits, malware and the likes the website is capable of/host/links to.

T1Shopper Port Scanner - visit
Scans a range of ports for responses from a specific host.

Site2Unblick - visit
Site2Unblock is a free web proxy. Surf anonymously online, hide your IP address and protect your identity. This is great to check out potential sites you may have been blocked from or hiding your IP address from website devs/admins you might not entirely trust. - visit lets you test your broadband internet connection's download and upload speeds on multiple servers across the world. Are you getting the speeds you pay for? Keep your ISP honest, compare your results with other locals on the same ISP and get support for fixing any problems on your end.

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