Saving Money in Endless Online

Everyone has been a bit tight on money before, so I thought I'd share these few money saving tips for you. It involves a little walking, but if you can bare through that you'll save yourself a substantial amount of gold over the course of time you play EO.

Health Potions
Many of us use a large amount of health potions to train daily in Endless Online. Most of us buy them from the Aeven Grocery, simply for convenience. But did you know if you walk to the Desert Shop health potions are cheaper? Don't believe me? Here are some screenies.

Golden Bracelets
Everyone loves a full paperdoll and the extra hit points these bracers can give you are vital! So lets see the results of a little walking. Aeven "Juweller" v.s. Halowdale Grocery!

The moral of this post is walking a little extra can save you a lot of gold when you're tight on it! G'luck!

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