Laddering Technique

Some monsters can do enormous amounts of damage in Endless Online. Conquering these beast can be a challenge even with a nifty technique. I'm talking about the King, Dragons and so forth. There's no feasible way for a lower level character to stand there and "tank" these NPC. They'll burn through your potions and leave you for dead in no time flat. The easiest way would be to group up with two or three other players and use the laddering technique.

What is the Laddering Technique?
The laddering technique involves forming a group of two or more players. One of the players must be equipped best to take damage and have a high amount of HP while the other players are equipped to do high damage with bows from a distance. The lower level player with the high level of HP then initiates the fight with the NPC and walks it back and forth while the archers stand back and pick the target off over time while it chases the laddering player. The laddering player must continuously stay on the move to avoid taking damage while walking the NPC back and forth between two tiles a short distance away from the main portion of the group.

Here's an Example

Critical Damage
Most of you already know that when you attack an NPC on it's backside you do the most damage. While laddering there is a way to obtain constant critical damage for the archers. Simply walk down an extra tile and walk in front of the monster and get hit on purpose with it's back facing the attacking archers. Once you've been hit return to laddering the NPC as usual and avoid taking any more damage while laddering. If you are hit while laddering the critical damage will drop back to normal and you'll need to repeat the process again. It's important to carry a good amount of potions or have a healer on hand if you intend to use this method.

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