Endless Online Chest

Throughout Endless Online you will come across various chest that spawn a variety of items and gold. Below I've compiled a short guide to chest locations, how often each spawns and what they contain.

Location: Sky Wonder Chest
Spawns: School Uniform, Love Letter, Flower Bouquet & Ancient Scroll
Spawn Rate: Every 1 Hour

Location: Imperial Castle Basement Chest
Spawns: Charms and Gold
Spawn Rate: Every 4 Hours

Location: Birdman Territory
Spawns: Health Potions
Spawn Rate: Unknown

Location: Hall of Pain / Under Aeven Grocery
Spawns: Gold, Turtle & Panda Costumes
Spawn Rate: Every 4K minutes since last taken.

Location: Ancient Shop
Spawns: Ancient Scrolls and Hair Dyes
Spawn Rate: Unknown

Location: Green Lake (snails)
Spawns: Mana Potions and Gold
Spawn Rate: Unknown

Location: PK Entrance
Requires: Normal Key
Spawns: Gold

Location: Main Arena
Spawns: Royal Armor, Royal Dress & Gold

Location: First map with Ants
Spawns: Hockey Stick and Gold

Location: Bird Fortress
Spawns: Normal Key and Gold

Location: Underground Fort
Spawns: Dark Endur and Gold


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  3. What about the chest in hell

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