Level Restrictions, Requirements and Limits

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Level requirements, restrictions and limits have been implemented to access certain maps within Endless Online and use certain items. Below I've compiled a list detailing the areas / items and their level requirements / restrictions. I've also posted up several other restrictions in-game related to gold and sales. Try to keep these in mind before heading out to do a quest or craft an item only to realize you're not able to yet and have wasted all that time walking there.

Daily XP Kills Limit
  1. The amount of kills you are able to earn XP from has been limited to 2000 a day. Type "#kills" while in-game to see what you're at. Read more about this here.

Gold Restrictions
  1. Inventory has a limit of 2 million. Disconnecting with any amount over 2 million will destroy the amount you are over.

Sales Restrictions
  1. You cannot sell more than 100 items at a time without being temporarily banned. This was added to the game after a dupe several years ago. The ban last 20 minutes!

Area / Map Level Requirements
  1. Entering Southern Woodlands #2 requires level 3.
  2. Leaving Tutorial Island requires level 4.
  3. Entering Aeven requires level 5.
  4. Entering Aeven Port requires level 6.
  5. Entering Southern Woodlands #3 requires level 6.
  6. Entering Malone Outlet requires level 7.
  7. Entering the Castle / Skywonder path requires level 8.
  8. Entering Halowdale Beach requires level 9.
  9. Entering Southern Woodlands #1 requires level 9.
  10. Entering Southern Woodlands #4 requires level 3.
  11. Entering Ice Mountain / Caves requires level 10.
  12. Entering the New Swamp requires level 12.
  13. Entering the Snails / Rauchel map requires level 14.
  14. Entering the Limbo Desert requires level 14.
  15. Entering the Factory in Limbo Desert requires level 14.
  16. Entering the Dragon Caves requires level 15.
  17. Entering the Aeven Grocery Basement requires level 16.
  18. Entering the Ants / Wurms requires level 16.
  19. Entering the New Swamp Vines requires level 18.
  20. Entering the New Swamp Tenbas requires level 20.
  21. Entering the Hall of Pain requires level 20.
  22. Entering the Butterflies / Gnoll Cave requires level 20.
  23. Entering the Second Old Swamp map requires level 22.
  24. Entering Centaur Village requires level 24.
  25. Entering Bone Spiders / Hell requires level 25.
  26. Entering the Octopus requires level 26.
  27. Entering the Reaper / Death Caves requires level 33.
  28. Entering the Haunted House requires level 28.
  29. Entering the Bird Fortress requires level 36.
  30. Entering the Birdman Territory requires level 40.

Item Level Requirements
  1. Using a Scroll of Guild requires level 5.
  2. Using a Scroll of Stronghold requires level 8.
  3. Using a Scroll of Beach requires level 10.
  4. Using a Scroll of Castle requires level 10.
  5. Using a Scroll of Centaur requires level 10.
  6. Using a Scroll of Ancient requires level 25.
  7. Using a Scroll of Void requires level 100.


  1. I think that the level requirements for dragon and octopus are the wrong way round. dragon has hp of 16000 and octo only 1300. Not fair. Also, how come honest people cant go to Anundo till level 33? We can learn fire at level 2 but we cant get there till level 33. Whats with that?

    1. +1, you're right...that makes no sense.

  2. Clearly never thought through and thoroughly.

  3. So i'm lvl 6 and i tried to enter the southern woodlands the lvl 3 one(s).. and i can't handle them. Any tips or suggestion what to do now?