News & Updates 01/02/2017

Endless Online
Christmas has come and gone and we enter a new year in Endless Online. The event is over and snow has left Aeven. Expect scroll top scores and the promise of a new website soon! There are also new forums to join you can find linked to the side and below.

Endless Online Forums

I've been slowly updating EOMix to match Main Clone and remove/update information as needed.

∙ The Warps section has been updated!
∙ The Chest section has been updated!
∙ The Quest section has been updated!
∙ The Videos section has been updated!
∙ The Spells section has been 100% updated!
∙ The Items section has been 90% updated!
∙ The Crafting section has been 50% updated!
∙ Blo's EOSig section updated!
∙ New images added for multiple sections!
∙ New video guides have been added!
∙ Controls section now properly viewable!
∙ Navigation and side-panel redone!
∙ Fixed template cutoff error in css!
∙ More coming...

EO Main Clone, Join Today! - Download Now!
∙ Server:
∙ Port: 8078
∙ Rules:
∙ Website:
∙ Client: Official v28 Client (setup for eoserv already)

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