Where's everyone at? Playing Main Clone!

The Official Endless Online is still down. For the time being enjoy playing on a private server! A lot of old players have gathered on the Main Clone setup by EOServ. They also have another server list at https://eoserv.net/servers

EO Main Clone - Download Now!
∙ Server: game.eoserv.net
∙ Port: 8078
∙ Rules: https://game.eoserv.net/rules
∙ Website: https://game.eoserv.net/
∙ Client: Official v28 Client (setup for eoserv already)

You can find me in-game on "Cuddles" or "Stubzilla" some nights!

The cool thing about playing on the EOServ Main Clone server is some of information here is still relevant on EOMix! Anyways, hope you all are getting along well and see you in-game!

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