EO & EOMix News 04/14/15

Endless Online News
Update: Had a few DDoS attacks the other night but so far it's going strong tonight with no issues. See you in game!

EOMix News
Fixed a few minor errors in the Quest Guide and update several items with new images. Other than that not much going on. I've been real busy lately IRL but I'll be here to update and add to EOMix if any changes or updates occur. Until then, take care!

EOSig by Blo isn't working!
Blo's website has been offline for a while now. Not sure when or if it may come back online. Unfortunately that means EOSig isn't working. Hopefully it'll pop back up at some point or Blo will setup or release EOSig for public use again. For now we're just out of luck. Miss EOSig, dangit! It was awesome!

EOMix is almost NINE years old!
EOMix has been up and around for over eight years now! Hard to encompass when I think about it. Thanks for the support, help and continued traffic here. It's been great and I hope we see another eight years. Endless Online can never die!

TREOS Endless Online Community Forums
Looking for an Endless Online themed board? Check out the www.treos.org forums! Stay in touch with the community, barter and trade for goods and more! TREOS is one of the best forums setup for Endless Online in a long time. Head over and join today!


What's going on with Stubs?
I've been MIA for a bit now in Endless Online because I'm currently pretty busy IRL tackling some stuff. On the "up" side of things I'm making some decent money and I've been getting back in shape recently. Up seven pounds and lifting weights almost daily. I'll pop in here and there when I can!

Just a quick reminder...
If you've been away for a while from Endless Online and want to get up to date on what's what news wise don't forget about the "Previous" button at the bottom of the site. This will take you to past post where you can read up on what's been happening! If you're specifically looking for news or information then don't forget about the search bar below the Endless Online banner up top. Works pretty good, typical Google!

The DEA Lil Wayne Initiative...


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    1. It got knocked offline by some skiddy attack, the usual attention whore losers DDoSing it. It'll reboot itself and return to normal usually. If not we'll be waiting of Vult to notice/care and get 'er up again.