Blo's EOSig Avatars & Signatures

Updated! 12/2016
Blo has brought back EOSig for the new game server and forums. He also made an easy to use website to get your signature codes. Check it out below!

Endless Online Dynamic Signatures

Blo's EOSig
Blo has made an awesome Endless Online themed signature and avatar script for everyone to use.

EOSig URL Codes

How to use?
Copy and paste one of the lines above into the URL field for where ever you would like to use the signature or avatar at. You can also embed it using HTML with the IMG tag. Replace the character name with your own character's name and you're set!

I've found some sites that wouldn't accept the URL as is because it doesn't end in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG. If you encounter this simple add .PNG to the end of the string and you should be good to go!

EOSig Style Types
There are five different styles available to use as either an avatar or signature. Here are some examples using my main characters!

Style Type 1

Style Type 2

Style Tpye 3

Style Type 4

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