EOMix's Friends - TREOS & Pumpkin Online

The Remaining Endless Online Society
The TREOS Forums have been updated and are coming back online. Head on over to check it out and read the announcements. It also marks the 1 Year birthday for TREOS, Happy Birthday!

For those of you just coming back or just getting into Endless Online check out TREOS when it's back up. It's one of the better, if not only, forums for Endless Online still around with an active community and growing!

TREOS ForumsTREOS TinyChat

Pumpkin Online
Pumpkin Online had a successful kickstarter and is gaining some decent traction in a forward momentum! They've recently revamped the website and have a few new videos and graphics up about what's to come. Head over to their website and give it a look. Looking forward to playing this when it's ready!


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