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* this guide is a work in progress *

Below you'll find an in-depth guide for reaching Level 5 in Endless Online. This guide is intended for new players to help them along the way utilizing the in-game quest and more!

I highly suggest for those of you who are absolutely new to the game to sign-up at the TREOS.org Forums and read over Knight's General Player Guide. I'll link the topic below for you.

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Step 1. Get dressed!
After you've create your first toon you'll login inside a small building on tutorial island. Immediately above your character you'll see a small brown chest. Walk up, click on it to open it up and take a peasant suit or dress for yourself! If it's empty simply close it and wait a minute then check again and the peasant clothes will respawn.

Step 2. Walking outside for your first quest!
After you've gotten dressed let's walk outside! You'll see a small dirt area with a well, a few NPC and a bunch of piglets! Speak with the Adventurer NPC and start the Piglet Trouble quest. Kill 10 of the normal piglets to complete the quest. Before turning the quest take a moment to kill a few of the other piglets with babies on their back until you get a Piggy to drop, this will be saved for a quest later on. Once you've gotten your piggy turn in the Piglet Trouble quest. This will probably be your first level, congrats! Since you can't choose a class which in turn allows you to increase your attack until you're level 10 you should spend your new stat points in CON. This'll at least give you more health to take some abuse along the way. Don't worry about your attack for the moment. You can respec your character later on rather easy by speaking with the Aeven Skill Master once you've made it to mainland and have hit level 10!

Step 3. Start a few more quest and get to moving!
After you've turned in the Piglet Trouble quest there is another NPC who walks around the well to talk with for your next quest. Speak with The Collector to start the Goat Business quest. He'll ask you to gather 6 Goat Horns for him. We'll collect those along the way as we turn in and complete other quest. The goats are literally all over Tutorial Island! For now let's walk down and speak to Danny and start the Treasure Hunter quest. He can be found under a tree just slightly east of the dirt well area. He'll ask you to find three clues about his treasure. Now it's time to get moving. As you're walking towards the clues kill any goats you come across for our Goat Business quest!

Step 4. Treasure Hunter First Clue!!!
Killing any goats along the way head towards the first Treasure Hunter quest clue. The first clue can be found under a patch of dirt near the waterfall on Tutorial Island. Simply stepping on it will "find" the first clue you need for the Treasure Hunter quest!

  1. Treasure Hunter Clue Locations / Quest Guide

Step 5. The second clue and more goat horns!
Continue killing goats and collecting goat horns while you head towards the second clue. You need a total of 6 Goat Horns, 8 being optimal so you can also craft a dagger you'll need later on. The second clue can be found at the end of the dock on Tutorial Island. Once again just stepping inside the little dirt patch will "find" the clue.

Now it's time to put that piggy you have to use! Leaving the dock you'll see a small house directly West. Walk inside and speak with the NPC. He's lost his toy piggy and will be glad that you've returned it. You'll receive a small reward. Now you're ready yo carry on.

Step 6. Finishing the Goat Business Quest!
Before we head off to find the third clue for the Treasure Hunter quest let's take the time to collect any more Goat Horns we need for the Goat Business quest. Head back to the first area where the dirt are with the well is located at and go to town on those poor dumb goats! Keep killing and collecting goat horns until you've got a total of 8 Goat Horns. Once you've got them head back to the well and speak with the Collector to get your reward. By this time you'll likely level again, congrats! Remember to keep training your stat points into CON for the time being. You'll need the extra HP for the quest ahead!

Step 7. Crafting a dagger and starting some more quest!
After you've turned in the Goat Business craft head into the large building directly North of the well. Inside you'll find several NPC. Speak with Cindy and go into her crafting menu and make use of the two remaining Goat Horns you ahve and craft yourself a dagger! You'll need this for the remaining quest. After you've got your dagger turn around and speak with the NPC in the shop corner named Funky Hair Dude. He'll ask you to collect some Blob Slimes he can use for his hair. Accept the quest and let's get to moving. The Blob Slimes can be found where the last Treasure Hunter quest clue is!

Step 8. Killing 25 Blob Slimes and collecting 3 Blob Slimes!
Walk outside and keep heading directly south until you're on a new map. Immediately upon entering this new map you'll see a Guard stationed at a wooden watch tower. Speak with him and accept his quest to kill 25 Blob Slimes. This is great because we need to kill them anyways to collect 3 Blob Slimes for the Funky Hair Dude and we can also find the last Treasure Hunter quest clue on this map. Walk around killing the Blob Slimes until you've killed 25 of them for the Guard and have collected 3 for the Funky Hair dude. This will take a little while and the Blob Slimes can hit pretty hard. Be sure to use the potions you've gotten from the previous quest or taking a moment between fights to sit down and let your HP regenerate!

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Step 9. Finishing all these damn quest!
Once you're done "playing" with the Blob Slimes and collecting the 3 Blob Slimes for the Funky Hair Dude let's head to the last clue for the Treasure Hunter quest. This clue can be found on a small patch of land shooting into the water with a shovel sticking out of the ground. You'll find a patch of dirt here again and you'll simply walk into it to "find" the last clue. Now it's time to collect some EXP for all your hard work. Head back up North towards the small town and well area on Tutorial Island. Before leaving this map be sure to talk with the Guard at his wooden watch tower to collect your EXP for killing those 25 Blob Slimes for him! After you've talked with him keep heading North on to the next map and find Danny. Speak with him again to collect your EXP for completing the Treasure Hunter quest. Now you have one last quest to turn in to the Funky Hair Dude. Head into the building directly North of the well area and speak with him for even more EXP! Damn this is fun, huh?

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Step 10. Level 3? Level 4? Time to grind but don't die!
By this time you should easily reach Level 3 approaching Level 4! Keep spending your stat points in CON as I suggested and let's go grind a little more EXP off. Walk back outside from the shop and head directly North to the next map. Once you enter this map you'll immediately see an NPC you passed earlier and a bunch of snakes slithering around. Speak with the Snake Hunter and accept his quest to kill 3 snakes. This quest is quiet simple and is repeatable so once you've finished killing 3 snakes you can start it again after speaking with him for your reward! I highly suggest doing this repeatable quest until you've reached level 4! This will be a bit of a grind but it's worth it. It's IMPORTANT that after you've reached Level 4 NOT to leave Tutorial Island using the boat or to die on accident just yet. We're going to use a simple hack to go into Mainland and bypass the Sheep Area below Aeven where it's hard to get EXP to get out since it has a nasty Level 5 restriction for entering Aeven. Let's go on to the next step!

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Step 11. EOStar Proxy "No Home" hack!
Now that you're Level 4 head back into the small town on Tutorial Island. Once you've reached the well it's time to log out and download EOStar Proxy! We're going to use it's citizenship hack to leave this area and bypass the Sheep Area below Aeven for reasons stated earlier! Follow the steps below.
  1. Download and install EOStar Proxy to your desktop from http://eostarproxy.net/!


  2. After installed, EOStar Proxy will automatically run. Leave this open and login to your character!
  3. From the well area on Tutorial Island walk directly North into the shop and speak with Cindy. Click on the "Buy" button browsing her items but do not make a purchase. Simply leave the window as it is.
  4. Type the following command into chat and press enter:

    Type in "!!star citizen 28" without quotations.

  5. After you've sent the command, if done properly, a window will appear telling you congratulations! If you're disconnected or do not see this window then you've done something wrong and need to repeat the steps.
  6. Walk outside and attack several NPC. Do not kill them! Let them attack you. Click on the "Exit" button and wait until the moment you die to click on "Ok" then close the client! It is important to exit at the exact moment of death when your hear the death sound and start to go transparent! If you mess this up you have to do it again.
  7. Open up Endless Online and login to your character. You should be outside of the Temple of Destiny North of Aeven. If the screen is blank when you login simply restart the client and login again.

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Step 12. More quest, imagine that?!
Now it's time to grind to Level 5. Let's start by knocking out a few easy quest in Aeven! From the Temple of Destiny walk directly south into Aeven. Once you've entered the square take a moment to speak with Jacob and accept his quest killing crows. You can kill them along the way accepting and finishing our next quest. Also collect any Crow Claws you may come across or that they drop, we can use them for another quest later on. Now keep going until you've pass the statue in Aeven Squaree then enter the first building below the square to the West, The Aeven Pub. Inside the pub speak with The Drunk and accept his quest Aeven Sewers. This is a really simple quest worth a decent chunk of EXP!

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Step 13. Finishing Aeven Sewers and the crow quest!
Let's head out and complete the Aeven Sewers quest. Remember to kill any crows along the way for our quest with Jacob. Collect any crow claws they drop or you find as well. You'll need 12 for a quest later on. Use the guide I'll link below to complete Aeven Sewers.
  1. Aeven Sewers Quest Guide

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Step 14. The Aeven Square EXP Festival!
After you've completed the Aeven Sewers quest head back towards Aeven Town Square killing any Crows and collecting any Crow Claws you can. Once you've made it back to the square if you've killed the required 10 crows then speak with Jacob and collect your EXP. If you haven't met the requirements for jacob yet simply wander around the square killing Crows and collecting their Crow Claws. They spawn frequently and abundantly here. Once you've finish this quest look around the square for an NPC named Dan. He has a quest called Claw Necklages where the 12 Crow Claws you've collected will be needed. If you have already collected the claws turn in this quest as well or keep collecting them around the square. Once we're finished here let's head back into The Aeven Pub and speak with The Drunk. He'll give you a really nice chunk of EXP for finishing the Aeven Sewers quest!

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Step 15. Level 5 or bust!
After completing the previous quest you should be a little over half-way to Level 5! Now it's time to do a repeatable quest and grind off some EXP until your TNL is less than 6,000 EXP. Head back into the square and find the NPC named Hactor. He has a repeatable quest, Special Hairdye, we can do for a while. Use the guide linked below to finish and repeat his quest until your TNL is less than 6,000 EXP!
  1. Hactor's Special Hairdye Quest Guide

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Steo 16. Hitting Level 5!
Once your TNL is less than 6,000 EXP it's time to finish off this little adventure of ours. From The Aeven Town Square head directly south until you reach the Sheep Area below Aeven. You won't be able to walk back up into Aeven until you finish the quest down here and actually hit Level 5 so don't get lazy now! Start off by immediately killing Sheep until you get a pair of Captain Boots dropped. Pick them up and head over to the Aeven Captain and speak with him for a little EXP from the Boots For Dinner quest. Once you're finished head further south down the path until you see a building. Enter this house and speak with Old Farmer Jorge to start his Rat Problems quest. Enter his basement and slaughter 20 bastard rats then return and speak with him for your EXP. Exit his house and head further South until you hit the next map, you'll see a bunch of snakes and a boat. From here head North to the next map. Immediately entering this new map to your South you'll see a small area with a bunch of chest and farming patches. Speak with Old Farmer Greg to start his quest then collect 20 Rare Berries from the chest in the surrounding area. Once you've collected 20 Rare Berries speak with Old Farmer Greg again for your EXP. If you've followed this guide correctly you should hit Level 5 when you turn this quest in! Congratulations! Now send me money via PayPal.
  1. Boots For Dinner Quest Guide
  2. Rat Problems Quest Guide
  3. Rare Berries Quest Guide

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  1. This is looking good so far! I'll be following it when eo comes online again, thanks!

  2. Awesome, thanks! Yeah - I'm waiting for the serverto come back up as well to capture some images for the guide and polish it off confirming some things. Anywho, take it easy. :P