News & Such 03/17/2014

Endless Online
Nothing much going on with Endless Online lately. Luckily it's back online for the moment with a few weak DDoS attacks hitting here and there but not really disrupting much.

Stub's Life
Joined Twitter the other day. Give me a follow @gypsylovehug! I'll post some EO shit here and there as well as some personal stuff I suppose. Not really that big into social media but maybe it'll catch on me, who knows.

I head out on March 24th to the Marlboro Ranch in Montana! I'll be there 4 days and 3 nights tubing, zip lining and snowmobiling. Can't wait to have some of the food there. They sent me a cook book last year from the ranch that made my mouth water! Anywho, I'll post up a few photos and tidbits here and on twitter I suppose unless I have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. If so then I'll stay mum on the subject.

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