Endless Online is back up!

Endless Online is up and running again on a new server with an apparent rollback to 2012. The new server appears to be located in California and there is a lot less lag compared to the previous host in Germany(at least for most Americans, those of you in EU might have more now, hopefully not). The Baru Tailor is no longer in-game neither is the daily quest nor the changes in Estaq so Baru is no longer available.

Many players have lost their accounts because they cannot remember the password for it at the time of the rollback or simply didn't even have those accounts created at the time. Apparently old names that were inactive will be available again according to the login welcome message. Basically if you created your account after October 2012 it is no longer there and you can hope to remake your character if someone else has not taken it yet. Check it out below.

I find it hilarious he ask us to contact his server host because he failed to maintain security on it. It's not their fault. It's his entirely.

It took hours but I got my account back. F%@# that pisses me off. How the $#@% are people suppose to remember their password from nearly a year ago when we're encourage to changed it often? And here's the kicker for ya. Not a single thing was done about the DDoS attacks. It'll just get knocked into oblivion again in due time.

To be honest I have very little to no interest left in Endless Online in it's current state. Take it easy.

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  1. Can you pls go into a bit more detail here. I had a lvl 28 account, that I used just before the recen ddos attacks, and its still alive, I just logged into it, it still exists, so it has not been rolledback? Then my old accounts dont work, but I made the new account username same as old one, so could that have been the problem? Also my old chars, created before 2012, is available, as I just created the char