Walk/Talk With Two Clients At Once

Want to walk or talk with both Endless Online clients at once while using a multi-client? It sure makes walking both of your toons out to xp a lot easier and only takes a second to do.

1. Have both clients in windowed mode side by side open.
2. Click back and fourth between the clients a few times.
3. In your task bar click the indented/shaded Endless Online.
4. Use the client that doesn't minimize to control both.

Video Guide


  1. For windows 7, you have to have two different clients (example: a multi client and a normal eo client), have both open where you can see both. Minimize one of them by clicking on the icon in the taskbar.

  2. Or just temporarily turn off window stacking...

  3. Yeah, I usually have mine stacked - makes it a pain but I have a ton of shit running usually.