EOMix Updates 06/24/13

Did a little work on the blog this morning. Enjoy!
  1. Added new armors in the Items section.
  2. Added new chest in the Chest section.
  3. Added new info in the Worthless Things to Know section.
  4. Added a new script in the Scripts section.
  5. Added Blo's EOSig in the Boredom section.
  6. Added a new section for Known Glitches/Bugs.
  7. Added new level requirements in the Limits section.
  8. Added a new "trick" in the Naughty section.
  9. Made several corrections to multiple sections.
Just getting back into EO? Be sure to use the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of this website to view previous game and website updates. Take care, all!

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