One Extra Potion

Not much going on today in Endless concerning updates so I though I'd share with you a tiny "pro" tip, if you will, concerning your weight. Almost every serious trainer has their inventory completely full of potions. You go to the shop and fill up hoping you can stay and grind out as much XP as you can. Running out of potions and having to leave your training spot is a pain in the ass but it's bound to happen. It especially sucks when you're a few kills off of leveling and that one extra potion would have done the trick.

What if I could tell you how to get that potion? What if I could clear up just one more itsy bitsy tiny ounce of weight for you to carry? Well, I can't. But you can! Take a look at this picture below.

Now surely your keen eyes immediately spotted the fact I'm not wearing any charm or gem. Now after reading the extremely lengthy text at the beginning of this post I'll assume you've come to the conclusion that I don't wear one because it takes up weight. I know it's all nice and lovely to see a full paperdoll when you right click your character but for something that contains no stats (currently) it's pretty pointless. So skip this piece of gear and grab that one extra potion!

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