A New Quest, Things moved

Endless Online News/Updates
Got a PM pointing me to a new quest in-game at the Castle. Details are in the Quest Guide. Thanks, Frobolet! Also a new daily quest has been added in west Malone Outlet. Details in the guide as well.

Also, if you're heading to Skywonder, don't bother. Halowdale is now where Skywonder use to be, minus the underground fort. There are a few minor changes of no importance in Halowdale itself and clues to future quest. I'll let you explore around. As to where Skywonder went I've no clue. If I stumble upon it or if another reboots reveals it'll I'll make a post.

Blog Updates
- new quest have been added to the quest guide
- updated the new xp rewards for several quest
- updated the level requirements section

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