Updates and News

Did a little work this morning and the other night on the site.

What's up?
- added two more quest in the quest guide
- added images and navigation for spell guide
- added new software
- added more to the chest page
- added a few new items to the items page
- removed chatbox for lack of use, leave comments

Endless News
Character login seems to be under attack again by Jimmyee. The fix implemented last time didn't seem to do the trick. I'd suggest waiting it out but if you absolutely must play hold down the 1 and ESC key at your character selection screen. Of course using EOtrainer with speed and instant login on will quicken the process but there is no guarantee you'll get on quickly. If you're just looking to stay social while it's down or for more word on what's going on head on over to some of the community forums and blogs.

- http://eoserv.net/forum/
- http://forum.rakuhana.org/
- http://eosky.awardspace.com/index.php
- http://endlessreport.blogspot.com/

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