Server Busy Login

This script simply spams a character slot number and the ESC key to close the server busy message until you're able to get online. Once you're online simply press the equal key or CTRL+ALT+S to stop the script.

program LOGMEEHbyHollowSpirit;
// Login your account and leave Endless at
// the character selection screen and run
// the script. Use EOtrainer's speed and
// instant login to speed up the process.
// Since we're only using keys no special
// clients or resoltion needed. Visit my
// website if you're bored.
FindWindow('Endless Online')
keydown(GetKeyCode('1')); // character slots 1-3
keydown(27); // presses esc to close busy msg
until (iskeydown('=')); // press = to stop script

Made in SCAR Divi 3.13 but should work in later versions. Simply copy, paste and run!

EDIT: Doesn't appear to be working in later versions of SCAR. You can download SCAR Divi 3.13 at

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