Auto-CTRL Coin Trick

It can be a pain having to hold down CTRL constantly to attack while you're farming a boss or fighting against something with a large amount of health. Perhaps you're in a group farming at Apozen when the phone rings. You want to get up and answer your phone but at the same time you don't want to stop attacking and slow down the process for everyone. Well here's a little trick to get past a frequent dilemma players in Endless Online encounter.

Coin Trick
If, like most player, you're on your basic desktop computer all you'll need is a coin. I prefer to use a dime myself. Simply wedge the coin between the plastic frame and key until the button is held down and you're done!

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Older keyboards tend to have a wider gap between the CTRL button and plastic frame so you may consider using a thicker coin, such as a nickel.

Laptop trick
Generally you're not going to have a small enough gap nor the plastic side to wedge a coin between for this to work if you're playing on a laptop. Instead, you'll have to rely on a heavier object to hold it down for you. Preferably one with a protruding edge. I've also heard of people using a piece of tape or band-aid to hold CTRL down for them.

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As you can see, I prefer to use my wife's dirty Mexican pepper statue. The edge of the hat rest just perfectly across the CTRL button.

Note: You're 'prolly reading this wondering why I just don't suggest using a script or some sort of software. The reason being is I believe most people who would bother reading about this are generally new players to the game and it's my firm opinion you should stay away from downloads, especially community generated downloads, until you're a little more seasoned as to what Endless Online is all about or can be.

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