The Herb Thing

Some of you love to train. Some of you love to train non-stop. The only problem with this is potions take up a lot of weight. So for you serious trainers running back and forth between a coveted training spot and the potion shop is annoying as hell. Well, have you thought of herbs? Here's the scoop.

Herb are a stackable, weightless item. Meaning you can carry THOUSANDS at no additional cost to your weight. Double clicking them heals you for a tiny but smooth 6 points. That means you could literally carry billions of these if you've got the gold. They are priced at a low 50 gold at the Aeven Grocer. For some this is a life saver but for others a burden. It all comes down to what your training on.

If you're training on a monster that hits hard and fast, you'll spend your time clicking away at these compared to clicking a health potions every now and again. If you're training on something that has a slow attack or does low damage, these are perfect. You can even use a scar script to auto-"herb" if you will. I won't be providing one but you're more than capable of finding one I'd assume. Anywho, hope this tip helps for those lazy trainers who hate walking back and forth. Below is an example for those fool hardy enough to doubt me.

Here is my inventory with only one herb:

Here is my inventory with two herbs and no weight increase: