Controlling Aggression

Controlling the aggression of a monster in EO can be highly beneficiary. By this, I mean controlling who a monster attacks within a group of people. It's very simple to do and can save you time and/or money. For instance lets say you and a friend are going to the Castle to kill the king. Your friend is level 13 and you are level 10. Now, if you want to hit the king for the most damage, you would want to control the king to be attacking the level 10 so the level 13 player could attack at the back for the most damage. This would save you time by reducing the amount of time it takes to kill the king. Then again, you may be in no hurry, just having fun. So perhaps you want the king to attack the level 13 who has more HP and save the level 10 the trouble of buying potions or healing himself every other second.

Now that I've explained why this can be useful, lets get to the dirty work. To control the way an NPC monster attacks a player within a group of players, all you need to understand is that the NPC will always attack the last person to login. So if the monster is attacking you, but you want it to attack your friend, you'll have to have him/her relog. When he logs back in, the monster you are hunting will attack him. This information is commonly known amongst most players, but hopefully those who missed it or are new to the game gained something useful from this post.

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