Discontinued Items in Endless Online

The following items are no longer available by regular means in-game. Some may not be present at all any longer entirely or may have been removed for an unknown period of time for various reasons.

Name: Crown
Dropped By: King
Stats: N/A
Name: Horned Hat
Stats: N/A
Name: Cristal Sword
Stats: 1-2 DMG, 3 ACC
Name: Killing Edge
Stats: 1-3 DMG, 1 ACC
Name: Mitova
Stats: 1-2 DMG, 1 ACC
Name: Reaper Scyth
Stats: 1-2 DMG, 1 ACC
Name: Thors Hammer
Stats: 0-5 DMG, 1 ACC
Name: Cleric Coustome
Stats: 1 DEF, 1 EVD
Name: Crusader Armor (male)
Stats: 1 DEF, 2 EVD

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