Updating EOMix for Main Clone!

Endless Online is unfortunately well past the point of return. i'll be taking my time over the next few days/weeks and updating EOMix to reflect more relevant and up-to-date information regarding the Endless Online Main Clone server setup by EOServ. The server has become a central point for a significant number of players from the community and is just plain fun to play on. Hoping you'll once again find EOMix of some help and that more and more players will wander in and join us. Until next time...

EO Main Clone - Download Now!
∙ Server: game.eoserv.net
∙ Port: 8078
∙ Rules: https://game.eoserv.net/rules
∙ Website: https://game.eoserv.net/
∙ Client: Official v28 Client (setup for eoserv already)
∙ Forum: http://forum.eoserv.net/

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