While Endless Online is down...

Quick Recap of Events:
∙ New admins have "appeared" in game!
∙ They've wiped it all clean for a fresh start!
∙ Level restrictions and kill limits have been removed!
∙ Botters, Cheaters and Losers are getting banned!
∙ Missing items and maps have returned in-game!
∙ New quest are coming soon to help your grind!
∙ Server is offline periodically. Wait it out.
∙ I got no answers further. Just enjoy the wave!
∙ Read more on situation @ TREOS Forums!

Endless Online News 08/01/2015
The game server went off, again, earlier. It appeared toons were wiped again so don't be surprised if you need to recreate you characters or accounts! Not sure what's happened or going to happen so stop mailing me or PMing me on AIM/MSN. I've hardly played EO that much to begin with recently and hardly keep in contact with the people I use to know. I'll update what news I can regarding Endless Online when I'm awake and around. Other than that you'll hafta direct your questions to the people messing with EO themselves.

While Endless Online is, ironically yet always, offline...
You can keep in touch with your friends and the community over on the TREOS forums! Click the big ass button to the right and join the convo. TREOS is one of, if not the only, forums left and still active for the Endless Online community. It's actually ran by some decent people too so it's not a tardfest like previous unmentionable forums were.

On that matter, Lucian, sorry I haven't been around much. Thanks for the chance to help out over there and sorry if I let you down any! I've had some issues to take care of IRL lately and just haven't been around much. Also, it seems TREOS doesn't want to load in the new Windows 10 Edge browser. Hopefully that'll get sorted out, it's a decent browser. Anywho, if you need anything hit me up!

http://www.treos.org/ - The Remaining Endless Online Society
Sugoi! One Accord Private Server (New, Decent, Fun!)

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