The Saga Continues...

In response to what's been happening on Endless Online recently the main Endless Online website was updated with small message. Take it with a grain of salt and let's just hope Endless Online comes back sooner than later. For now it looks like we'll be waiting a while.

The server was compromised. By hackers? no: Basically the hosting company BUYVM.NET gave the account and server to a complete stranger claiming it with a GMAIL account. How silly is that? :) EO database was destroyed, and EO probably will be down for a while, you can contact this idiot here:

Then a day later this was posted:

Please change your password for other online services in case you are using the same password as you did in Endless Online. As you all know the database of this game (and all passwords inside) were compromised. It's still unbelievable for me knowing that this critical access was just handed over by BUYVM.NET to people with bad intentions. EO will be down for now.

Be a damn shame is BuyVM started getting all their clients ddos'd. Hilariously, they offer ddos protection for a mere $3 USD and Endless Online got it's shit ddos'd weekly. Social Engineering is the finest art form. I also can't believe someone can lose a database twice. C'mon, show the game a little love! Apparently local and remote backups are a foreign concept for some in this age of storage and cloud. Be nice if some the changes made stick when the game comes back. It truly needs a little love and care again. It also needs to give my character, Stubs, the title "Zombie" damnit! Take care!

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