EOMix & Endless Online News 07/18/2015

Endless Online News
The Endless Online game server has come back online. If you're unable to connect it may be that your IP was jammed. You'll need to change your IP address or use a VPN until the next reboot. Frosty VPN is free and works well. I've used it a lot these last few years with no issue.

Frosty VPN (Free)
Changing Your IP Address Methods

EOMix News
Nothing new in Endless Online recently to update for EOMix. I've made a few small fixes across a bunch of sections but nothing of importance. I'll be here doing my thing as usual. Be sure to utilize the right hand menu and explore all EOMix has to offer as well as the new search bar above below the Endless Online banner.

Trove - A Voxel Based MMO!
If you're bored while EO is down check out this new mmo, Trove. It's free to play with a small item shop and patron/membership options for some bonuses. Nothing that ruins the game tho, thankfully. Anywho, it just hit Steam the other day as well so check it out! If you wanna play with me in Trove my IGN is Orcface. Don't know who took Stubs but it wasn't available when I registered.

Trove - A Free to Play Voxel-Based MMO!

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