Endless Online - Wiped!

Update: Re-wiped! Register again!

Endless Online News 7/31/2015
Accounts were wiped by the new "admins" who hacked their way in the other day. You'll have to create a new account to play. Use a VPN for your safety and enjoy! Kill limits and level restrictions have been removed so you're free to legit train again and explore. Botters are being banned by active moderation and in general there's a lot of butt hurt people. New quest are soon to follow apparently. My in-game name for the moment is Pirate. See you in-game!

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Just to recap...

∙ Accounts wiped!
∙ Level and kill restrictions removed!
∙ New quest coming!
∙ Some maps and items are returning in game!
∙ Botters are being banned!

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