EOMix News & Updates 12/27/14

Endless Online
The game server is occasionally being knocked offline. Typical.

EOMix News & Updates
Updated several sections of the site with new information and several small corrections.

 - Added new images to the Items Section!
 - Added more areas to the Limits Section!
 - Added new downloads in the Software Section!
 - Added DMG and drain stats to the Spells Section!
 - Added an updated video guide to Barbarians and Orcs!
 - Corrected several errors in the Quest Guide!
 - Added a search to the top of the blog to help find post!

WeedHax v1.0 Released!
WeedHax v1.0 has been released! You can find out more information in the post below this one or head over to http://eoguide.boards.net/thread/22/weedhax-version-1-release!

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