EOMix Updates

EOMix Updates
Did a couple of small updates on EOMix this morning.

- Added damage and drain to the Spells section!
- Added more links under the friends section!
- Updated the Stats section slightly!
- Added more images to the Items section!
- Added a SEO server status checker above chat! (broken)
- Fixed several errors in the Quest Guide!

WildStar is 50% off at the moment so I picked up a copy. Been meaning to give it a shot for awhile. Thankfully it's a subscription based game and not some shitty item mall chinese grindfest so I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store. Heard good things so far. Here's my character, Orcface Hornhead!

    Click to enlarge!

Not sure how long it will remain on sale - if you're wanting to give it a shot head over there and pick 'er up before it's too late! It's normally a $40 dollar game plus the cost of the subscription. Of course you get a free month of play with purchase. Anywho, take it easy!

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