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Endless Online - Nov. 5th, 2014
Just woke up - seen Endless Online was once again offline. Shitty. Hopefully it'll pop back on later. Keep in touch with the community over at http://treos.org - recently updated and growing! I've got an opportunity recently to help out over at TREOS with the rest of the staff and can't wait, love me some TREOS. Also, everyone generally knows I'm pretty laid back so looking forward to it!

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EOMix Server Status Checker Update - Nov. 7th, 2014
The server status will now automatically refresh itself every 30 seconds within the page. I added it to an iFrame and used a simple java script to refresh it automatically. Figured this would make it easier for those of you wanting to keep your eye on the server status while you wait for it to come back online. Would like to give thanks once again to Plasmastar for providing the server status checker as well. Enjoy!

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