Endless Online and EOMix News & Updates

Endless Online News
The Endless Online server is still offline. I sent out several emails this morning trying to contact Vult but I have no idea if he'll actually receive or read them. Hopefully it'll return to normal soon enough.

EOMix Updates & News
I've done a little work to EOMix while EO has been down.
  1. Made new buttons for the sidebar navigation!
  2. Updated and added to the Endless Online Items section!
  3. Updated and added to Userful Online Resources!
  4. Made a post to on The Endless Online Font, Forte!
  5. Updated and added to the sidebar Private Server section!
  6. Updated and added to the Endless Online Quest Guide!
  7. Added an Endless Online Leveling Guide for new players!
  8. Updated the Limits/Resctrictions/Requitements section!
  9. Added a section for Endless Online NPC and MAP IDs!
  10. Made several fixes for EOMix and it's IE display!
  11. Made various fixes in general to multiple sections!
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Making Money Online with CashCrate!
I've peppered in several banners for CashCrate across EOMix for referrals. CashCrate pays people for taking surverys, completing special offers and referring their friends. It's a pretty easy way to make a little cash if anyone is interested. Click the banner!

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  1. lol i use to do cashcrate too. not a bad deal if you do it right. might sign up again :o