Endless Online... Offline!

Endless Online is offline!
Endless Online went, ironically, offline earlier a little after 10PM EST. No idea why it went down or when it may reappear. Refresh EOMix or visit http://game.endless-online.com/server.html if you're wanting to keep an eye on the server status. Take it easy!


Stay in touch with your pals!
Head over to the TREOS Forums and join in on the fun. Just because Endless Online is down doesn't mean you can't connect and hang out with your pals or make that sale in the trading section!


Pumpkin Online's KickStarter was a success!
The upcoming MMO Pumpkin Online has successfully raised enough funding with the popular crowd sourcing KickStarter! I pledged a little myself and am excited to see it take off. Head on over to their website and check it out if you've not heard of it before. Imagine Harvest Moon/Animal Crossing meets Endless Online - it's awesome!


I'm looking to buy a tank! Whatcha got?
I'm looking for an alt male level 35 and up with a decent name OR someone to train my alt "Autobot" for me to level 35. I'm offering 3 to 5 million depending on the what you have for me. I'm a real picky asshole so don't be surprised if I shoot you down instantly. Leave offers here in the comments, PM me on TREOS or email me at OrcStubs@Outlook.com. Thanks!

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