Endless Online Login Still Broken 07/22/14

Endless Online is still broken!
The login for Endless Online is still currently broken. I sent a few e-mails out hoping to reach Vult-r hoping he'll see one. It's a long shot, he seems busy but for now we're stuck waiting to see what will happen. Take it easy!

Stay in touch with the EO community at Treos!
Just because Endless Online isn't playable at the moment doesn't mean you can't socialize with the community. Head on over to the TREOS forums and jump in!

  - http://www.treos.org

Bored? Here's something to do while EO is down!
Check out Nick Reboot and Tube Synch. Classic Nickelodeon streaming 24/7 on Nick Reboot and Tube Synch allows you to synch any playlist across a multitude of video services to create your own channel. You'll find a variety of shows to watch there. Great places to waste a few hours online!

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1 comment:

  1. At least someone is taking action, rather than sitting back and complaining about it. Here's hoping for the best. -crosses fingers-