The Game is Offline

Endless Online News
The game server is offline again. The hosting company was updating some hardware when they ran into a few issues and should be good to go soon. Unfortunately they need their clients to setup their vps again so we'll be waiting on Vult-R to "flip the switch" for us. No idea how long it'll take for him to get around to it. Head on over to the announcements section of TREOS for more detailed information from Lucian.

Side Menu Changes
Lucian from TREOS was kind enough to make up some new graphics I could use on the side menu for linking out to their forums and Pumpkin Online. Just got them up and they look awesome. I've always sucked with graphics. A toddler could embarrass me in MS Paint. The side menu is a bit unorganized and lengthy so some smaller side by side graphics save a little space and help clean it up a bit. Thanks, Lucian!

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  1. dude ur old and still playing eo? xD

  2. Damn right! A lot of old farts are playin' tho. I've known many players with kids and grand kids, especially housewives!