My New Account!

Earlier I bought an account for almost 3 Mil off of a player named "Someguy" in the afternoon. It was for a level 41 white male account named Evilpix. I didn't think it was worth that much but the guy took some items for the last part of it that I had extra of so I went for it. A few moments later I was enjoying my new account when I had to leave so I could mow my lawn. I logged out, had a cup of water and put on my Nike shoes to mow with - cause fuck Nike.

After I had finished mowing I came inside and took a shower. I had the AC set at 72 but I was still sweating my balls off. I dried off, got dressed and hopped on Endless Online. It was time to play with my new account. I was looking forward to having something to hit a little harder with when I went to New Apo or the Dragon Cave. I even set aside some potions so I could spend a few good hours really getting into it. That's when I took a look at my chat on EOMix.

Instantly I regretted my decision. For no sooner than I had loaded my website had I come under attack. The term "low life" was thrown around like one would throw a tennis ball in a game of fetch with their dog. What the fuck was happening? What did I do? Turns out I spent 3 Mil of my hard earned gold to buy an account that turned out to be stolen. Damn.

This guy made an account over on Treos to join in on the forums. Apparently, when he signed up, he used the same username for his forum account as his Endless Online account. That's not what I'd call the brightest bulb in the box. I'm also told that the person who "hacked", meaning guessed, his password said that his password was also a part of his name. The username was Evilpixies. His password was Pixies. Someone stole his account. Can you believe it?

So here this guy is screaming his head off that I'm a low life for buying his account. Here this guy is spamming global and my website how Lucian from Treos stole his account because he lost it as soon as he signed up on the forums. Then there's this guy named "Someguy" laughing his ass off with my three million big ones. He's still laughing. And me? Well I just don't like to be called a low life. I didn't steal this kids account. I bought it, stolen as it was, unknowingly. So what's a low-life like me to do at this point? I think the best way to resolve this situation with a little class would be to share some photos of me on my new account, enjoying Endless Online. Enjoy!


Fuck off. It's not my fault you're stupid as a bag of spit.


  1. This whole thing is way too funny, I do feel bad for him though haha. He seems far too innocent to deserve such pettiness. It's Endless Online at the end of the day; so I guess nothing changes.

  2. The best part was how I'm in the background talking about pokemon cards.


  3. lol, pokemon is old school. do they still make new shows? know the game is still going strong on nintendo and the cards but haven't seen it on tv in forever.

  4. loool. Biggest retard ever