Stava's Endless Online

What is Stava's EO?
S-EO is exactly what main EO failed to be. It's the good old EO experience we all know and love, with new content and fixes. It's updated past v.27, with new areas, monsters, and items to hunt. New content that stay true to what EO is, and don't look out of place like in other private servers. We aren't trying to change EO - we are just updating it.

S-EO Screenshots - click to enlarge

Download Setup File - Visit Official Website


  1. very slow drop rate

    1. Just like the old main eo, cant be better then this.

  2. great private server, yes it is very slow with drops. be prepared to grind heaps to get very little.
    The plus is new armors, maps and a few other things available.