Pumpkin Online

Sakurakur has released some information about her upcoming MMO, Pumpkin Online. In brief it'll be somewhat a cross between Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon in a farming MMO setting. Of course bringing with it the wonderful social aspects that we've come to love in online gaming as well as drawing some influence upon her time spent working on Endless Online. Instead of your typical "dime a dozen" fantasy games that seem to focus more on the grind than the fun, Pumpkin Online looks to create a friendly, stress-free environment with more of an emphasis on choosing a job you'll love and a community where you can hang-out with your friends.

Head on over to the official website to check it out and keep an eye out on their social media for more information to follow!

Pumpkin Online's Official Website
Sakurakur's Post on Treos.org

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