Sakura02, Q & A

I got a chance to ask Sakura02 some questions about Endless Online the other day and I logged in to find a reply! For those of you who weren't around back in the day she was an artist and admin who did various pieces across Endless Online. You see some of her work every time you login and can see her in the credits. Endless Online was a wonderful place back then, well, a lot better than it is today... Anyways, Enjoy the read!

Sure thing ^_^; I mean I was just but the artist but I can give you some feedback. I'd have to dig deep deep deep in my hardrive to find those. (I asked for screenies)

What's your fondest memory of Endless Online?
Fondest memory, probably going under cover as a newb on my alt account and busting people hacking. Also i wasn't bothered as much being admin getting like 20 messages at once was overwhelming and intense. The first person I ever met on EO like 10 years ago we still chat up till this day. Like this was like when you had to type a code to put on clothes, before the inventory was even working. That was the first person who was like, this is how you do this. Been friends ever since on Skype.

Why'd you leave Endless Online?
I left because of hackers and spammers, and I was college and pretty much everyone just grew up and sadly out of EO and went off to do other things. Plus it was being annoying, pretty much being the only admin online that ever did anything and attempt to keep order.

In response to EO's condition today:
Pretty much Vult decided to make flash game sites and that's how he wanted to make money, but he probably could have easily made EO profitable I don't even know why he didn't. Getting in touch him was a rarity even back when I was still an admin, I did a few flash games for his site but that was it.

Yeah Vult kind of jumped ship on EO his heart wasn't in to it and he refused to give it a proper successor. But yeah, right now I'm currently trying to work on my own mmo ^_^; at some point, it's top secret for now. Hopefully going to have a Kickstarter in the summer.

but yea any other questions let me know ^_^;

Leave some comments I can send back to her showing some love! It will be cool to she what she's doing regarding the MMO. If she wants I'll post about it when she's ready but I wouldn't blame her is she declined. After all, Endless Online doesn't have the nicest community! Either way hope you enjoyed and take it easy.


  1. WE MISS YOU <3!!! I got to play with you a few times. I was Kimchi back then. Good luck with your new game!

  2. The hacking is still going strong! I just lost my account yesterday :*( I didn't use any bots or haxz either so I have no clue how :(((

    1. you must have Downloaded something with a backdoor, 9times out of 10 this is the reason for people losing accounts.

  3. Your art is lovely Sakura, you have much talent. I wish you all the best with your own MMO project, please come and visit us in Aeven some time <3

  4. Sakura i was glad to be apart of what the game once was, back in its glory days, ow what a place it was, what admins you was, I actually experienced so much whilst playing the game, it gave me laughs, it even made me cry :( i met some amazing beautifull people that changed my life for a period, its such a shame how it ended :( but! on a lighter note! ive just looked at ur endless comic, and i whant you to finish it nao! :)

  5. Well you dont really hear of any of the old admins that used to be on EO, Im glad to see someone who cared but it is a shame that EO got to how it did, i am looking forward to seeing your new mmo pumpkin online and i will be checking it out soon as you've finished.

    For anyone who new me i am the old "riotsquird" before i lost the account.

  6. Give me as much information as you can on Vult-r. I will find him...