Endless Online Stuffs

Sakura02's Endless Online Comic
A few of you might remember this from back in the day. The rest of you who've only seen her name in the in-game credits go check it out! It popped in my head today for some reason so thought I would share for those who haven't seen it before.

Sakura02's Endless Online Comic

Endless Online Stickers!
I had an idea a while ago to order some Endless Online stickers. Why? Because full blown frontal nerdity is something that really speaks to me. I just put in the order over at printrunner.com so they should arrive within a week. I'll post some photos of them up when they arrive. I thought of doing this a long time ago but anyone who know's me can tell you I'm super lazy.

What's been happening in EO?
If you've been away from Endless Online for a while don't forget about the PREVIOUS button on the bottom of the blog. You can quickly read through what's been going on and enjoy my horrible Engrish along the way!

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