Endless Online Down - 01/07/2013

Endless Online News
Endless Online is currently offline. I'm not exactly sure when it went down but the last update to the players list and server status occurred around 2:40 AM when the player list and server status page froze. Hopefully it'll appear back online shortly!

EOMix News/Updates
Not much new going on in Endless Online lately but I'll be adding a few more websites to the Useful Online Resources section. I've also added a button link over to the Treos.org forums so if you haven't had a chance get over there and join the community.

You've undoubtedly seen the spam for eobots.net trying to get you to download their bot. Most of you are smart enough to avoid it but just in case you've been wondering about it you can run a scan of their download over at Virus Total and easily see it's got a rather high detection ratio concerning backdoors. Virus Total is a wonderful tool I use often. I'll link my scan results below.

eobots.net eobot 0.0.3.zip virus scan results

I don't usually bother saying anything about bots and their back doors because if you lose your account to it I don't really give a shit. This download on the other hand isn't just some harmless backdoor that will PM your account details to some douche. This is a backdoor into your entire PC meaning all files and accounts you use anywhere can be compromised. Don't do it. Just... No...

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