Where Am I?

Where'd you go?
I no longer own Orcface. I occasionally login on Stubs, Skruf or Raistlin to see what's good but honestly I've lost a bit of interest in Endless Online after it was knocked back into oblivion and the few hints of further development we had were taken away. Don't get me wrong I still think it's a great game but after X amount of years with not much new to delve into it's easy to get burnt. Regardless I hope all goes well for Endless Online. See you online!

EOMix Updates
On a quick side note I'm happy to report it appears the anchor tags are now working properly across Chrome and Internet Explorer. If you are having an issue with the jump to links not working on this and other websites check for a browser update. I also removed several of the private servers listed that no longer appeared to be online and in development. I also added the Cave Research quest in the quest guide.

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