Quest Glitches in Endless Online

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Truth Quest Knob Staff Glitch
At the end of the Truth Quest it is possible to craft a Lens without giving your Knob Staff to the NPC. Make sure you have no weapon equipped before you start talking with Serf. When Serf ask you to hand him the Knob Staff double click the staff in your inventory to equip it. Now all you need to do is finish talking with him to receive your Lens of Truth and you're done. You'll have a shiny new Lens of Truth and a Knob Staff still equipped.

Ancient Wraith 500 PK Kills Glitch
Towards the end of the Ancient Wraith quest you're asked to kill 500 players in a PK zone. This could take some time. Instead head out to the desert shop and buy yourself 500 small potions. Head back into Aeven and enter the PK zone. Find yourself a safe corner and use all 500 potions. Each potion will count as a kill for the quest.

Recently players have reported that you can even use the potions outside of a PK zone and they'll still count. I encountered this myself the last time doing the AW quest so you might want to just try using them the moment you have the potions and see if they're counting in your quest log. If, for whatever reason, they're not then head to the PK zone. That's it!

Ancient Wraith 10 Dragon Wings Glitch
The Ancient Wraith quest calls for 10 dragon wings to be turned in to the Ancient Wraith. Don't worry - he doesn't actually take them away from you! Simply carry on with the quest normally and they'll be in your inventory when you're finished!

Factory Panic Report In Glitch
The Factory Panic quest will tell you multiple times to return and speak with the npc after switching off a generator. This is not necessary. Instead you can simply head to the next generator and turn it off provided you know which one you're going after. They must be done in order. You can find that order in the Quest Guide on this site and many alike.


  1. For factory glitches you could add "you do not have to report to the factory guy every time you go to a generator, even though it says to."