Endless Online Photo Post

Just thought it would be nice to have a post showcasing some screenies. Click an image to enlarge and check back often.

Hidden Room in Atlantis

Haven't been to Atlantis in forever!

Messing Around with T-Search in Trade

It was fun to see these items in-game even if they were fake.

Killing the King
For a brief moment it felt like old times.

New Guild when EO came Back Online 2011

Me and James/Terror met a lot of cool people.

Senpei's Crown

A few were dropped before you could no longer kill the King.

Endless Online Ghost Town
Server was empty after coming back online from an update.

Vult-r/Aendar Adding Quest
I remember updating this blog furiously about these updates!

Vult-r Changed Host/Server

He left the old one up for bit while we had some fun.

The Castle Shop is Gone

The old goat farm warp takes you here now.

Archery Hunting

One of my favorite monsters in-game.

Multi-Client Farming

Since the population is low I farm solo. These are all me.

Multi-Client Farming

I've gotten over 40 saw drops solo.

Beaver, Jordan and Orcface Conquer PK

This was always fun and chaotic to do.

Beaver, Jordan and Orcface Conquer PK

LegendBeaver and Orcface Conquer PK


Blo is cool.

TheLastStand showed me this Hell Guardian out of bounds. Awesome!

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